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"Bluewater Ventures"

There are many definitions and descriptions of Bluewater Ventures so please pick the one you like best but pay attention to number four:

  1. The world leader for solving multidimensional complexities, creating enterprise and ecosystem wide value, generating proprietary innovation, and spearheading positive doctrines and philosophies for global, national, and local entities but also for the executives that lead them.
  2. A company that fosters positive relationships by delivering unprecedented value while having fun and purpose.
  3. A very unique international professional services consulting firm.
  4. The only entity ever created that brings together proprietary and holistic understanding, expertise, and leadership in a single organization that accelerates growth for any entity of any value chain or community while keeping in balance, cherishing, and protecting the natural world.








Bluewater Consulting       




"Bluewater History"

It started over 25 years ago in 1991 when Bill Johns entered the professional consulting world as an undergraduate student offering services for home security, campus organizations and community not for profit, and product marketing research and distribution firms.  These baseline experiences expanded with Bill as he earned graduate degrees in both business (MBA) and public (MPA) administration. 


During these years, Bill, being a conservationist and creative visionary (and even before brand management became main stream) believed in symbolism in all things, started to use the term "Blue Water" to describing his views, philosophies, and research findings for professional business and public sector policy.  These later became known as "Blue Water Philosophies" and were immediately recognized as different than anything else found in industry. 


Bill's use of "Blue Water" was symbolic for many things as it could take many forms (gas, liquid, solid), was not confined (flexible, adaptable, scalable), visually pleasing (calmness, coolness, beauty), universally essential and known (supporting all life on Earth), and had special meaning among technologists and inventors, supply chain/maritime professionals, military and their special forces communities, and religious groups.  Lastly, the color blue is significant to Bill being from an USAF military family, being a former Memphis Tiger, and previously working for Baxter, General Motors, and i2 as all of these entities were definitely "blue".  Lastly, "Blue Water" greatly supported Bill's affinity to the Hawaiian (Aloha) Shirts he has been wearing since 1976 as inspired by the USAF pilot culture and serviceman returning from the Pacific and Southeast Asia theaters during that time period.


After Bill entered the "Silicon Valley" workforce in both sales and consulting for i2 Technologies where he gained 300 years experience in 3 years by creating technologies and methodologies, conducting M&A due diligence, working with C-level executives of all major industries of the Fortune 500 and the leading supply chain companies, and receiving million of dollars of sales training, Bill's "Blue Water" Philosophies became vitally accepted by the world's greatest leaders of these companies and gave him the confidence to pursue his vision of providing the world something completely different.


​In the spring of 2001, "Blue Water Consulting" was formally born and quickly became known as "Bluewater" as it gave it even further differentiation and coolness being named as such.  Various Bluewater domains have been acquired and deployed over the years to support the growing family of Bluewater brands.  Throughout the years, Bluewater Consulting also pursued federal intellectual property protections which were granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in support of the family of Bluewater brands.  One of the Bluewater brands is Bluewater Ventures which initially focused on the support and incubation of new ventures and offering professional solutions to the new venture value chain partners (angel and venture capital, university and national laboratory technology transfer officers, intellectual property attorneys, and technology and innovative focused economic development organizations).


Due to successful growth and new opportunities, Bluewater Ventures pivoted in 2016 to become the lead management Bluewater entity supporting at times various other Bluewater-Sundown Companies brands pursuing professional services.  In short these specific brands of the Bluewater-Sundown Companies are "powered by Bluewater Ventures".



"Bluewater Pirates"

Growing up around USAF fighter jocks, test pilots, and "black project" professionals gave Bill Johns an indoctrination into the innovative world of Kelly Johnson's / Lockheed's  "Skunk Works" and  Boeing's "Phantom Works".  Bill also admired the "Q branch" associated with Ian Fleming's James Bond character.  Later in his life, through quality management benchmarking and eventually his arrival to "Silicon Valley" in sales and consulting, Bill had a great admiration and strategic understanding of the "Skunk Works" philosophies, culture, and methodologies that were found there in the valley among the numerous technology company campuses (Apple, Xerox PARC, and other "basement geek" entities) and with their off-shoot "squirrel secret" innovation centers often found in the middle of nowhere, USA.  As a result, Bill determined that he would have such a group of innovators and similar structure someday with his own future companies.


​Fast forward many years  to 2005 when he produced and hosted Wildfire America with Bill Johns, a weekly radio show about business, technology, and entrepreneurship, Bill's listeners and supporters would rally up at local watering holes to network with him.  Bill dubbed this rowdy group of innovators as "Bluewater Pirates".  Bluewater Pirates became the largest group of stealth entrepreneurs in the East Tennessee region at one time.  Many of these friends became contractors to Bill's companies and they dubbed this group of experts as Bluewater Pirates.  With that being said Bluewater Pirates has grown in reputation and performance over the years and has become a "brand" itself.


Bluewater Pirates is a dedicated group of experienced professionals, experts, and advisors who are exceptional in every way.  They are leaders in their respective fields, are driven and competitive, have incredible wisdom, foresight, and communications skills, and great senses of humor.  Bluewater Pirates are a group of very passionate, intense, and mission-oriented individuals


​Bluewater Pirates are crazies, renegades, outlaws, innovators, pioneers, adventurers, outliers, trouble makers, revolutionaries, entrepreneurs, visionaries, change agents, ninjas, samurais, jedis and are those who embrace or at least tolerate Hawaiian shirts!


​Currently there are approximately ~100~ Bluewater Pirates that cover various disciplines, management and operational expertise, and industries and are deployed when needed or desired.  Feel free to contact us to discuss Bluewater Pirates and/or how you can start your own networking group in your region.

"Hawaiian Shirt Guy"

Bill Johns is THE Hawaiian Shirt Guy!  Bill was born in SoCal - Southern California.  Bill grew up in a military family with a father who was a USAF officer and pilot.  For the record, Bill's father never wore a Hawaiian (Aloha) shirt but did watch plenty of Hawaii Five-O episodes with his son.  During the 1970s, Bill was exposed to many of his father's friends who were fighter jocks, test pilots, and military professionals who wore Hawaiian shirts often and embraced and exhibited "tons of swagger" which Bill greatly admired.  Bill wore his first Hawaiian shirt in 1976 as a child and was later vindicated in Memphis, TN on December 11, 1980 when Magnum P.I. appeared.  Bill always liked Hawaiian shirts and as a young renegade in training, wore them often throughout his early teens and twenties. 


​As Bill entered the workforce, Hawaiian shirts started to become more "main stream" (probably due to Magnum P.I. and Top Gun, etc.) and when he was working for General Motors, he was often asked to meet with the software sales guys since he was a "whiz kid" and could translate to the company's executive management was being sold to him.  During this experiences with the software sales companies, he discovered that they too were like him in personality and wearing Hawaiian shirts.  After leaving the "Global One" company (GM), Bill joined a software company (i2) that quickly became the leader in supply chain and eBusiness software and this industry wears lots of Hawaiian shirts and luckily for Bill, i2 actually sent him to Hawaii for business in 2000!


​Bill grew his Hawaiian shirt collection from a handful in his teens/twenties to about 35 when he founded Bluewater in 2001.  During the early years of Bluewater, Bill was working with "government / security" types on projects dealing with sensitive supply chains supporting national and homeland security, "special materials and products", and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) and found many of his counterparts (for some reason all named "Bob") liked wearing Hawaiian shirts too just as much as the software guys and the other military personnel and pilots did.  In short, there was a consistent mindset and swagger that was ever present among "operators" and for some reason they liked the shirts too.  Bill also later found this to be true for many angel capital, venture capital, and institutional investors.


​Being THE Hawaiian Shirt Guy, Bill likes the shirts and style as it is an immediate qualifier for him of those who "get it", gives him the ability to be quickly located among the sea of blue blazers and kakis at a networking event, attracts talent to fill the ranks of his Bluewater Pirates, and most importantly, gives him camouflage as well as competitive advantage in various ways including gathering intelligence.  As Bill recently stated "The only first impression someone has if they like or dislike my shirt as Hawaiian shirts DO NOT denote social class, education, rank, experience, political or religious affiliations, regionalism or dialect, position, purpose, and/or beliefs.  It is truly being empowered to be "out of the box ", reject standards and perceptions, and is one of the best ways to be yourself. Today, Bill has approximately 100 Hawaiian shirts strategically located throughout the USA.



Why Contact Bluewater Now?

  • We solve problems.
  • We quickly deliver value.
  • We don't waste time.
  • We are different.
  • We are candid.
  • We are global.
  • We have fun.
  • We have been doing this for 25 years.
  • ​We have more expertise.
  • ​We have more perspectives.
  • We have pirates (and a few ninjas).
  • We get technology.
  • ​We get sales.
  • ​We do marketing pErfffecT.
  • We get innovation.
  • We hate bureaucrats.
  • ​We get politics.
  • We have guts and swagger.
  • We have a sense of urgency.
  • We have senses of humor too.
  • AND we have the Hawaiian Shirt Guy.


Bill Johns, MBA, MBA (Top 10 List)

​1). Serious and intense but funny and nice ("good guy")

​2). Employed by several Fortune 100 companies, Silicon Valley software type companies, and new ventures

​3). Consulted for/sold to most major industries of the Fortune 100, lead logistics providers, and new ventures


​4). Former VP and consultant to one of the most prestigious technology regions of the country and modernized its brand (Knoxville - Oak Ridge: Innovation Valley), pivoted its entrepreneurial ecosystem, and brought accountability and credibility to the community


​5). Past producer and host of Wildfire America with Bill Johns, a streamed weekly radio show about business, technology, and entrepreneurship (and craft beer too!)


​6). Also known as "THE Supply Chain Guy" due to his 30 years in SCM and vast positive contributions to its technologies, business models, doctrines, and societies


7).  Conducted over 2500 professional engagements delivering billions (B) of dollars ($) in value since 1991


​8). Not only succeeds in supporting entrepreneurial new ventures but is a serial entrepreneur himself with multiple companies and brands and public initiatives and has supported launching over 150 client companies or initiatives from his small organic farm's various tiki bars


​9). Transformed several industries with his Bluewater methodologies, keynoted multiple talks about innovation, entrepreneurship, angel/venture capital, and education, and was absolutely "first" in planting the flag on many business, economic development, social policy, military doctrine, and environmental conservation initiatives


​10). Researched and authored several papers on management, leadership, and quality management, was a former MBNQA trained quality management consultant, interviewed over a 3500 executives throughout his consulting, software, and media career, was a former candidate for mayor of a prestigious community, and has received various awards (and a few slashed tires) for his professional contributions to industry and society



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