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Bluewater Ventures is the leading source for entrepreneurship and the total new venture life cycle.  It is also home to various innovative solutions in supporting new ventures, entrepreneurs of all ages, and individuals who must become leaders and especially rainmakers.  Most importantly, there are plenty of opportunities found here to promote innovation, collaborative/networking relationships, and various "universities" in addition to the proven philosophies and methodologies of its founder.  








Bluewater Consulting

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Bluewater Consulting is an international boutique professional services firm specializing in supporting technology-based and innovative companies and communities, entreprenurial leaders and their initiatives, and entities having economic, community, and not-for-profit directives, and/or national security missions.  Bluewater Consulting's expertise is found in its experience solving extremely complex challenges and having unique problem solving methodologies.  Bluewater Ventures is "powered by" at times by Bluewater Consulting's solutions and the other philosophies dictated by its founder.

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