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Q). Why The Heck Is Bluewater Headquartered in East Tennessee?

​A). Our Realtor Told Us It Was Awesome Beach Front Property!





Bluewater Ventures


Bluewater Ventures

​11124 Kingston Pike, #119-335

​Knoxville, TN 37934

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Bluewater Ventures is always looking for like minded ethical, kind, and intelligent folks to join are crew.  We never know what are current needs are but feel free to shoot us your credentials to join our ranks of Bluewater Pirates or Administrative Ninjas. 


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HSG -76 at a Secret Desert Location
HSG-76 with a P-51 Mustang
HSG-76 with Capt. Bill Robbins (USAF Ret. / POW)
HSG-76 with a SR-71 Blackbird
HSG-76 Bluewater Picture (2008)
HSG-76 with Col. Buddy Brown (USAF Ret. / SR-71 Driver)


Bluewater Ventures welcomes media inquires as long as they are ethical with journalistic integrity and support the values of Bluewater Ventures, The Hawaiian Shirt Guy, and the HarmoniousLife Philosophy.  Unfortunately, many news organizations are not ethical and/or sometimes are very illegitimate or hypocritical which no one should tolerate.

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Bluewater Ventures has conquered the world and is now for the very first time is focusing on the East Tennessee region.  Operation Fill the Hole in the Doughnut is commencing in 2017 and the "me too / faker professional service firms" (advertising, public relations, accounting, and graphic design) are already fleeing.  Citizens celebrate the return of Bluewater who brought them craft beer, farmers' markets, and innovation to the KO:IV!






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