"Our Business Cards Should Read: Problem Solvers, Will Travel!"

~Below is a "hint" of what we do.  You really need to contact us to understand Bluewater. That was a wink ;-)...~


Two (2) Important Points:

​A). No one else has our proprietary perspectives, vision, methodologies, and experiences. No one!









​B). We constantly focus on your resources, time, money, and value and as such, we attack ROA!







Definition of a Force Multiplier:







"Bill Johns is one of the very few people in the country that holds accredited graduate degrees in both business (MBA) and public (MPA) administration.  He even has a degree in political science and criminal justice & criminology.  Bill not only has an extensive supply chain management background, but worked for some of the most prestigious technology and innovative organizations in the world.  Bill is a rainmaker and has received millions of dollars of sales training and is absolutely amazing in analyzing opportunities and predicting outcomes.  Bill has the perspectives of successfully working for and with Fortune 100 companies and California Garages.  Bill understands politics and economic development better than anyone I have ever come across.  Not only is Bill one of the most creative people I have ever met, but also by far the most interesting. Most importantly, Bill is hilarious, kind, and ethical and anyone who ever spends time with him will definitely understand why he is the Hawaiian Shirt Guy.  You must have to a conversation with Bill to get what I am trying to explain here in these statements.  Just get him solving a problem, giving some advice, predicting the future, or explaining reality, and then you will get why Bill is the genuine real deal!"


​-Long Term Client and now Friend (available only per NDA)






Testimonials - We Have Them...

​...But We Never Publically Talk About Clients. Period.





Bluewater Solutions Areas (What We Know and Do):





  • Strategic Planning​
  • Tactical Planning
  • Benchmarking (TQM)
  • ​Supply Chain Management
  • Economic Development
  • Marketing, Branding, Design




  • Sales / Business Development​
  • Entrepreneurship / M&A
  • ​Product Management
  • ​Leadership
  • ​Talent Management
  • Materials Science




  • Intellectual Property​
  • Security / Investigations
  • ​Research / Intelligence
  • ​Technical Communications
  • ​Celebrity / VIP / CXO
  • Special Projects




Bluewater Seminars (Where We Change Destinies):





  • Telling Your Story​
  • Chasm Avoidance
  • ​Branding 101
  • ​Building Value Chains
  • Value Creation (Sales, IP, Brand)
  • Change Management




  • Strategic Opportunity (SOA)​
  • Strategic Impact (SIA)
  • ​Macro Opportunity (MOA)
  • ​Visioning Workshop
  • ​M&A Planning
  • Succession Planning




  • Crisis Management​
  • Counter Intelligence
  • ​Pivoting / Roadmapping
  • ​Due Diligence
  • Risk Mitigation​
  • Sales Training (SOBP)




Bluewater Industries (Where We Play):





  • Aerospace & Defense​
  • Automotive
  • ​Consumer Goods
  • ​Technology (Nano, Info, Bio)
  • Economic Development
  • Supply Chain Management




  • Materials Science​
  • Not for Profit
  • ​Public Sector
  • Healthcare / Medical​
  • Adventure / Outdoors​
  • Textile Apparel Footwear




  • Craft Brewing​
  • Security / Military
  • ​New Ventures
  • ​Test & Measurement
  • Agriculture / Organics​
  • Labs / R&D / Campuses




Our Message Is Simple: We Deliver More Value Than Anyone Else! 





So, Now What?  Now, You Contact Bluewater Ventures: 877.BLUE.H2O





Value Propositions:

​1). Bluewater = Innovation, Intelligence, Incubation, Investment, Imagineering, Professional Services, Fun.

​2). We specialize in working with opportunities that have complex technologies, products, and/or missions.

3). Bluewater operates where others just cannot due to their structure, limitations, and traditional thinking.







The Process (What You Should Expect): Please Reach Out To Us.

​First of all, you can afford us.  Now with that out of the way, let's focus on a). TIME (we won't waste yours, so don't waste ours), OPPORTUNITY (problems, pains, needs, challenges, etc.), SYNERGIES (that "cultural fit" thing plus having vision, "can you be helped", respect, ethics, and humor items  that are so important to Bluewater), and QUALIFICATION (timing, commitment to logical process, executive sponsorship, etc.).  Thank you (and cheers)! 





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11124 Kingston Pike, #119-335

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