Wildfire Careers.

"How Do I Remain Relevant In A Competitive World Or Why Not Me?"

~Hate to tell you, but how you think the interviewing world works is completely wrong.  Sorry!  Would you like help?~


Wildfire Careers Solutions and Seminars (What We Do):





  • Telling Your Story
  • Candid Feedback​
  • Identifying Your Strengths
  • Brag Book Support For Your Story
  • ​Targeting Best Opportunities
  • The Complete Package




  • Building Your Pipeline​
  • "Go Where They Ain't"
  • ​Screw Interviewing
  • ​You, The Value Prop
  • ​A Different Mindset
  • Marathon With No End




Welcome To Wildfire Careers Powered By Bluewater.

If you have looked at the previous pages of this website and Bluewater's proprietary solutions offerings  (professional services / consulting, sales training, branding, and working in various value chains working with executives), you will clearly understand Bluewater Ventures is not only a very unique and innovative entity but knows volumes about talent management.  The Wildfire brands (Wildfire Careers, Wildfire Events, and Wildfire America with Bill Johns) are all based on the Hawaiian Shirt Guy's doctrine of what he calls the "Wildfire Effect"; where is when "fire, oxygen, and kindling come together", incredible technological and innovation things will happen organically as a force-multiplier.

​Throughout Bluewater's history, its founders have worked in all aspects of talent management and have helped thousands in managing their careers at all levels from entry level to entrepreneurs, industry veterans, returning professionals, and executives.  Bluewater's perspectives are so unique that they give incredible competitive advantage for anyone wanting to be gainfully employed and seeking awesome opportunities.




Are You A Veteran?  We Have Great Wildfire Careers Solutions For You!

​Our Founder and his Bluewater Pirates

​know the military, government, and

everything in between extremely well.

​Thank you for your service! BZ!




"You have only one life and you were not granted a visible expiration date on your body, so don't waste time doing something you do not want to be doing.  You need to pivot now and actively pursue the life and career you want.  Figure it out early, but later is never too late.  Have plenty of fun, patience, and a HarmoniousLife!" - HSG-76





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